Bingo Jokes are Really Weird…

I went to play bingo with my friend, Emily, tonight on campus because we had nothing better to do. We went to play for fun but the possibility of winning some free stuff was a good incentive to go.

Let me tell you, when playing bingo with a group of college kids, the jokes get very weird- and dirty. It’s like they know when exactly to yell “B-11 B-B 11, WHOO WHOO!” and “B-4 what?” because they have played with in bingo tournaments for years. Or maybe it’s just a college student thing- I don’t know. All I know is that everyone was having a fun time and they were really getting into the game.

Then there are the moments when they call out “It’s the dirty ball!” and everyone starts cheering. Your minds are in the gutter, people. Come on! Those moments were the ones that I rolled my eyes at, but at the same time, it was kind of funny to take in.

All in all, it was a fun night! We didn’t win anything, and the jokes were weird but we’re going to go back next Tuesday! Free stuff is always good, especially if it’s spirit wear!

Until next time!

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