Built From the Ground Up

Watching something be made or built has always fascinated and excited me. From Refinery29’s videos on how lipstickeyeshadow, and nail polish are made, Lush’s How It’s Made playlist, WIRED.com’s How the Tesla Model S is Made video (which is so cool!), Roadshow’s Tesla Fremont Factory Tour, to any show the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, has done on HGTV, seeing with your own eyes something being made and then seeing the finished product is always pretty exciting! But there is something even more exciting when you get to see a family member’s new home being built from the ground up on a website.

For the last year and a half, my grandma has been involved in the building process of a retirement apartment community that she will be moving into in the fall. The retirement community has a time lapse and pictures of the construction site updating every 10 minutes so you can watch the construction happening from the comfort of home. It’s been exciting to watch the building come together over the past few months online and talking to my Grandma about the progress during our phone calls.

A few weeks ago, my dad and I drove up to Pennsylvania to visit my Grandma and help her with some packing in her garage. We were able to also attend an open house the community was hosting for the “founders” or first owners of the apartments on the new property. I was very excited to see Grandma’s new place in person! We drove to the nursing home which is adjacent to her new apartment and took a shuttle bus that took us to the building site. We were able to see the garage units and drive around the building to see where the courtyard and other amenities would be located. Once we got off the bus, we were directed inside where we got to see three furnished apartments so the future residents could see the final furnishings and take measurements.

The most exciting part of the afternoon was when we climbed up two flights of stairs (the elevators haven’t been put in yet) in search of Grandma’s apartment! The doors have not been put in but each purchased/claimed apartment had a sign over it reading “Welcome Carolyn Cooper!” (Just to be clear, not every apartment had “Welcome Carolyn Cooper” on it. They had different names for each one!) I can brag a little and say that I was the first grandkid to see Grandma’s new place even if it was the bare bones of it. It was very exciting to see what will be her new home in a few months. Once September rolls in, she will be moving in!

Building something as big as an apartment building can take some time, but watching it come together is pretty amazing especially when it’s for family. I can’t wait to create new memories with my Grandma and the rest of the family in her new home in a few months after the construction is complete.